Title: Math Curse

Reference: Scieszka, J., & Smith, L. (1995). Math Curse. New York, NY: The Penguin Group.

Brief annotation: This story is about a young student who is told by his math teacher named Mrs. Fibonacci that math is everywhere and that he can turn just about everything into a math problem. This takes hold as he goes through his day. Everything he hears he starts to think of as a math problem. He figures that he is cursed until he learns to solve all of the questions that he has asked himself.

Genre: Comedy

Grade level: 3.8

Interest level: Students in grades 3-5 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: I really enjoyed this poetry book because the student is asking so many questions about the world around him and is thinking like a mathematician. I really liked how at the end, the science teacher does the same thing and he starts to think about everything like a scientist. This would be a really cool way to have students start to think about how math and science is applicable in their lives and answer the question, “Why do we have to learn this?”

Text-dependent question: How did the main character break the curse?