Book Title: Anno’s Counting Book

APA Citation: Anno, M. (1977). Anno’s Counting Book. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

Short Annotation: In “Anno’s Counting Book,” each page counts up until twelve. The first page was number zero and it showed nothing but an empty sidewalk. The second page was number one and Anno drew one house, one man, one kid, one tree, one bird, one cloud, and so on. As the numbers go up, Anno’s illustrations would represent each number by drawing the amount that the page is representing.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-1

Intended Audience: This book would be very fun for kindergartners who are learning how to count. Teachers can ask the children how many numbers of people, trees, houses, plants, etc there are on each page.

Personal Rating: 6/10 I thought it was an okay book. Nothing much to it. However, it is good for a classroom because it will keep kids interactively counting.

Text-Dependent Question: What was your favorite drawing and why?

Reading Strategy: I would do an activity using the 3-D Response by asking the students what their favorite number is and having them to make 3-D objects as many times as their favorite number shows. For example, a child’s favorite number is three. He/she is going to cut out three hearts. After they are finished with their 3-D object, they will show their neighbor and explain how many objects there are.