Title: Mother Goose a Number on the Loose

Reference: Dillon, L., & Dillon, D. (2007). Mother Goose: Numbers on the loose. Orlando: Harcourt.

Brief Annotation: This book is filled with nursery rhymes, and references to nursery rhymes by Mother Goose. The main focus of this book is counting and numbers, using nursery rhymes, and characters. This is a children’s book which is good for education for children just learning to count and recognize numbers. The illustrations throughout are cute and relevant, and the rhyming is very creative.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Grade Level: Pre-K to 1st grade

Readers Who Might Be Interested: Children interested in rhyming books/ nursery rhymes, in particular Mother Goose. Children who are learning counting, this is a book about numbers. Teachers who are teaching counting, or about rhymes would enjoy reading and using this book in their classroom.

Personal Response/Rating: I give this book a 4. The illustrations are very cute, and go along with the nursery rhymes well. The rhyming and counting in this book is great for young children, and overall this book was quite enjoyable. I would recommend this parents with preschoolers or teachers for children in lower grades.

Text Dependent Question: What were the people with clocks for faces named?