Title: A Ball for Daisy

APA Citation: Raschka, C. (2011). A Ball for Daisy. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books.

Short Annotation: Daisy got a brand new red ball from her owner. Her owner took her to the park. She was sharing her new ball with other dogs when a brown dog popped it. It was time to go home and Daisy was sad because her owner threw it in the trash. The next time Daisy went to the park, the brown dog’s owner gave Daisy a new blue ball.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Intended Audience: This book was a wordless picture book. Although there were no words, there were meanings behind it that kids could probably figure out.

Rating: 10/10, I liked the story that the pictures created. It had a good meaning and made me feel happy at the end.

Text-Dependent Question: “What color was the dog that popped Daisy’s ball?”

Reading Strategy: Quick Draw – Quick draws will help the children reflect and think about something that is important. For this particular book, teachers can ask children to draw something that was given to them that they find valuable. Students should include as much detail as possible in order for others to know what it really is.