Bibliographic Information: McCormick, P. (2002). Cut. New York: Scholastic.

A Short Annotation: This book follows Callie, a girl who is at a mentally ill facility because she cuts herself. Throughout the book, we see Callie not participate in group therapy and being a mute girl. However, after running away, she realizes she needs the help and goes back to the facility.

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Grade Level: 6 – 9

Readers who like this book: readers who like to read frequently banned books; readers who like to read about peoples struggles; readers who like to read about what happens in treatment facilities

Personal Response/Rating: 3 – I had a good time reading this book, however I’m not really a fan of reading about struggles people have encounter. I also thought that it was a hard story to read because I think self-harm is a hard topic to read about.

Text-Dependent Question: How does the main character change throughout the book?