Title: Frog and Toad are Friends

Reference: Lobel, A. (n.d.). Frog and toad are friends.

Brief Annotation: This story is about a frog and a toad who are best friends. It follows them through the seasons. Frog lets toad sleep for many months, waiting for his friend all the while. Once toad wakes up from his long sleep Frog needs to take a rest and asks Toad to tell him a story. Toad tries many different methods to come up a good story to tell his friend to help him rest.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1

Readers who might like this: Young readers who enjoy the Frog and Toad series would enjoy this book. Children who like stories about friendship, or teachers who are trying to teach their students about friendship would find this book useful. Readers who are just learning to read books independently would also enjoy this book.

Rating/Response: I give this book a 4 out of 4.  This story is well written, and easy to read for new readers. It shows the value of friendship, and that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. The words in this book are fairly small, and easy to read. Though the pictures are small, and not extravagant, they are cute and tell the story of these two friends. This is a very good book for kids.

Text Dependent Question: Why did Toad stand on his head?