Home For Christmas

Brett, J. (2011). Home for Christmas. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Author Study

Rollo the Troll had enough of his parents asking him to do chores so he packed up and left home. He spends many days in the wild trying to fit in with different animals and their families. Finally Rollo decides he isn’t fit for the wild and returns home to his family.

K- 2nd

This would be a good book for probably kindergartners and on. Kindergartners probably wouldn’t be able to read it on their own right away but it’s a great story to look at the pictures and make inferences on what will happen next. Early readers would love this book because the pages have fairly simple text.

I really like how Jan Brett illustrates her books. The small snippet of what will happen in the next page is a fun way to keep the reader engaged. Through out the whole story it also has small pictures looking back at his parents.

Does Rollo finally lose his tail?