In Plain Sight

Jackson, R., & Pinkney, J. (2016). In Plain Sight. New York, NY: Roaring Brook Press.

Diverse book

Sophie lives with her mom, dad and grandpa. Everyday Sophie leaves for school and her grandpa has missed placed an item and needs her help finding it.

This would be a good book for intermediate readers, 1st and 2nd grade.

Any reader would love this book. It displays a diverse family, which is great for young children to experience. It has fairly simple words on each page. There are really great illustrations for young readers to look at it, and they can look for the items Sophie is looking for as you read the story. There also is a cat in every page that the students could look for as they read the book.

I really liked this book. They recommended it in “Booked for the Evening” and it caught my attention. The illustrations are amazing and I loved the relationship between Sophie and her grandfather. I think a lot of children can relate to having a grandparent or family member living with them so this is a great one to read out loud to your class.

Where did Sophie find the Rubber band?