John Newberry Medal Winner for Children’s Literature, 1981.

Bibliographic Information: Paterson, K. (1980). Jacob I have loved. New York: Hapercollins.

Annotation: This book is the story of two twin sisters, “Wheeze” and Caroline. Caroline is the perfect daughter and community member.”Wheeze” wants to find a way out of her sister’s shadow and be valued for her own accomplishments.

Grade Level: 6th Grade and up

Readers who would like this: Older readers will enjoy this book about family and being an individual.

Rating and Response: I would rate this book 4/4. This book is one of my all-time favorites. The story is so deep and moving. It’s a book I love to read again and again.

Text-Dependent Questions: What happens to Caroline when the sisters were born?

Literacy Strategy: Literature-Based Reading Activities Chapter 2- During Reading Activities

Activity= Feeling Charts (pg. 82)

With this activity, students make a chart of the events within the story/chapter and then map out the feelings of the main characters and themselves during the events. This particular novel has many emotions, so this activity will help students look at the perspectives of characters and identify their own feelings with the text.