Bibliographic information: Henkes, K. (2004). Kitten’s First Full Moon. HarperCollinsPublishers

Annotation: This book is about a kitten who thinks that the moon is a big bowl of milk in the sky. She tries different strategies to try to reach the big bowl of milk. In the process she gets wet, sad and hungry, and when she returns home there is a real big bowl of milk waiting for her.

 Genre:  Fiction

Grade Level: k-2

Readers who will like this book:  People who like kittens and people who are learning to solve problems.

Personal Response and Rating: 5/5.

I would give this book a 5/5. I thought it was a fun and cute book. I think it’s a good book to read to students who are learning to find several different ways to solve problems. I pulled this book out of my backpack and my niece had pure joy on her face as she exclaimed that’s the best book ever!

Text Dependent Question: Why do you think the kitten thought the moon was a big bowl of milk? How was the kitten feeling when she was stuck in the tree? How else could the kitten have tried to reach the moon?