Reference: Hopkins, L. (1984). Surprises. New York: Harper Collins.

  • Poetry Book 2 (not Mother Goose)

Brief Annotation: The book Surprises is a “An I can read book” that is filled with a lot of different poems. All the poems tell different stories inside the book there is poems about animals, poems about insects, and even poems about the weather. The book is divided into different sections based on what the poems are about.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who like this: Any reader who likes poems and rhymes will enjoy reading this book. Since it is a I can read book the vocabulary thoughout isn’t very difficult and there are so many different poems inside this book that one poem at least will surely appeal to just about anyone.

Rating/Response (1-5): 5, I really like the different types of poems and how that this little book as to have at least one poem inside that will appeal to every student. I also like that the book has bigger front so it is easier for beginning readers to read.

Text Dependent Question: Name the 6 different sections of the book.