The Mitten

Brett, J. (1989). The Mitten. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Author Study

Nicki’s grandmother made him new wool mittens and he insisted she make them white as snow. Thankfully for the animals in the woods, Nicky drops his minute. The animals use Nicki’s mitten to stay warm during the cool winter.

1st– 2nd grade

This would be a good book for emerging readers. The storyline is fun and the animals make the story so cute. Brett’s illustrations and sneak peak into the next page keeps the story exciting.

I’m really enjoying all of Jan Brett’s books. I loved being read this story before Bedtime when I was younger. Her illustrations give the animals in the story so much personality.

Can anyone tell me the animals that all fit inside Nicki’s mitten?


  1. Book Boxes
  2. Book Boxes are collections of objects and pictures related to the particular story. After reading a story, students decorate boxes and collect objects related to the story and put it inside the box.
  3. This is a book with many different characters; they could put different animals or mittens in the book box. It would be a great way for young children to get familiar with texts and pick out the characters and important parts of the story. Book boxes are useful for EL students and struggling readers so this would be great in a classroom. You also could use this strategy for older students in more intense books. They would have a lot more ideas or objects to put inside the box.