Title: The Sniffles for Bear

Reference: Becker, B., & Denton, K. M. (2011). The sniffles for Bear. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.

Brief Annotation: Bear gets sick with the sniffles. His friend  Mouse come to the rescue. Mouse tries to help Bear to feel better with a positive attitude and abstract methods. She tries to heal him with a song, soup and with tea. She has many different ideas of what will make Bear feel better, and he grumbles all the way through as she tries to heal him cheerfully. Eventually he drifts off to sleep.

Grade: Pre-K to K

Genre: Fiction

Readers who might like this: Parents or teachers trying to teach their children about friendship, and overdramatizing situations. It shows that friends are there to help their friends (even when they are being a pain and making things difficult). It shows the importance of helping and accepting help from your friends. Overall this story has a great moral to be passed along.

Rating/Response: This book is a 3.5 out of 4. It is very well written, and funny as Bear makes a scene over his cold. He over-dramatizes his illness which in itself is humorous. His negative attitude is combated by Mouse’s positivity. This book teaches a good lesson on friendship and helping each other for younger children who are still learning these concepts.

Text Dependent Question:  Why didn’t Bear like Mouse’s positivity?