Reference: Sendak, M. (1963). Where The Wild Things Are. New York: Harper & Row Publishers.

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Brief Annotation: Where The Wild Things Are is about a boy named Max who dressed up as a monster and was acting like one so he got sent to his room without dinner by his mother. That night Max’s bedroom turned into a forest and a boat appeared for him. He sailed for a long while till he reached an island filled with”wild things”. Max was named the wildest of the wild things and earned the title of king. However Max started to miss home and left the island and sailed back to his bedroom, where his dinner was waiting for him.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this: I think all readers will like reading this book. I believe everyone can relate to getting into trouble by a parent becuase of being “too wild”, and often told to go to their room and receive a consequence. This book also has adventure in it so any reader who enjoys adventure books will love this classic story.

Rating/Response (1-5): 5, I never read this book as a child by I was I had. This book is fun to read because of the adventure Max goes on, and the illustrations of the wild things are wonderfully done. This book also teaches a valueable lesson every child learns when growing up.

Text-Dependent Question: How long does it take Max to sail to the wild thing island, and how long does it take him to sail back to his bedroom?