Hodgkinson, L. (2011) Goldilocks and just one bear. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press

Annotation: This book was about Baby Bear who found himself escaping the noises of New York into a quiet apartment. He tries what he thinks is their porridge, chairs, and beds until he falls asleep. He is awoken by a familiar face named Goldilocks.

Genre: Fiction, folktale

Grade: k,1,2

Readers who will like this book: This book is good for readers who have read the original Goldilocks tale so that they can understand the twist this book brings.

Response/ Rating: I would rate this book a 5 (1-5). This book plays an awesome twist having Baby Bear play Goldilocks’ role. The illustrations are also very humorous having a bear explore a New York apartment.

Question: Why did Goldilocks know to give the bear porridge?