Buehner, C. & Buehner, M. (2007). Goldilocks and the three bears. New York: The Penguin Group

Annotation: This book was about a girl named Goldilocks who breaks into a home of three bears while they are on a walk. Goldilocks tries and messes the bears’ chairs, porridge, and beds. She is in trouble when she is caught sleeping in baby bear’s bed.

Genre: fiction, folktale

Grade: 1,2

Readers who will like this book: This book is good for readers who want to learn about the classic story of Goldilocks.

Response/Rating: I would rate this book a 5 (1-5). This book does a great job at telling the classic tale of Goldilocks. The illustrations are also very appealing and creative using acrylic paints.

Question: How did the bears feel about Goldilocks when they found her sleeping?