1. Little Red Riding Hood – A Newfangled Praire Tale
  2. Ernst, L. C. (1995). Little Red Riding Hood A Newfangled Praire Tale. New York, NY: Scholastic.
  3. This version of Little Red Riding Hood starts off much like the traditional story. However, in the end, the Grandmother turns out to be a farmer who hires the wolf to work in his bakery where he can enjoy her secret muffins every day.
  4. Folktale
  5. 1st-3rd
  6. Readers learning about folktales or punishments for doing wrong would like this book.
  7. 3/4. I liked the book and the moral that the punishment can come in different forms and lead to different results based on that. However, I prefer the traditional version and the am not a huge fan of the illustration style used for this story.
  8. Who does the Wolf think is driving the tractor?