1. Little Red Riding Hood
  2. Little Red Riding Hood. (1999). In N. Baxter (Ed.), Classic fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the brothers of Grimm (pp. 138-143). Leicester LE9 5AD, England: Armadillo Books.
  3. This is the popular version of Little Red Riding Hood where Little Red Hiding Hood goes off to see her sick grandmother and when she arrives finds the wolf disguised as her grandmother. The woodsman comes and kills the wolf, saving the Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.
  4. Folktale
  5. 1st-3rd
  6. Readers learning about folktales would like this book.
  7. 4/4. I like the popular version of Little Red Riding Hood, mostly because it is what I heard growing up. I also thought the illustrations were funny and meaningful to the story.
  8. What happened to Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother?
  9. Data Charts: For this strategy, students learn how to organize and compare information about a topic. Using the various versions of Little Red Riding Hood, students draw up a chart with characteristics of the book (for example, moral and wolfs role) and for each book and then they fill in the the chart using words, pictures, or paragraphs.