1. Lon Po Po
  2. Young, E. (1989). Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood story from China. New York: Philomel Books.
  3. In this version of Red-Riding Hood, the mother leaves her three children alone while she goes to visit their grandmother. The wolf comes to the door and tries to trick the children that he is their grandmother, but when they discover he is really a wolf, they trick him and he eventually dies.
  4. Folktale
  5. 1st-4th
  6. Readers who are learning about folktales or about the ability to be clever and creative would like this book.
  7. 4/4. I loved this version because it shows the wit of a small child and has soft, wonderful illustrations. I also liked the moral of the story although I feel the ending was a bit awkward and abrupt.
  8.  How do the children discover the wolf is not Po Po?