Bibliographic Information: de la Paz, M, J. (2001). Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderellla. China: Shen’s Books.

Annotation: While Abak (Abadeha’s father) is away on fishing trips, Abadeha is forced to work all day and night to please her step mother and step sisters. She becomes incredibly sad and goes to pray by the river; there she is greeted by the Spirit of the Forest. This spirit assists Abadeha with impossible tasks that her step mother  gives her. One day, Abadeha comes home with a beautiful sarimanok. The next morning, her step mother butchers the bird. Abedeha brings the bird’s feet to her mother’s burial site and prays. Months later, she comes back to her mother’s grave to find a tree with many riches growing from its boughs. While on a hunting trip, the Prince comes across this magical tree and takes a ring. Eventually, his finger becomes swollen and red; he can not remove this ring. His father sends out a message to all the villages in Philippines to look for a young woman who can remove this magical ring. Then, Abadeha arrives and takes the ring off. The Prince fell in love and asked Abadeha to marry him.

Genre: Fairytale

Grade Level: 1-6

Readers who will like this book: Children learning about the Philippine’s traditions; Children who like fairytales.

Response/Rating(1-4): 4; This beautifully illustrated book incorporates the native religious beliefs and attributes of the Philippine society.

Text-Dependent Question: What did the Prince take from the magical tree?