Title: Gingerbread Baby

Reference: Brett, J. (1999). Gingerbread baby. New York: Putnam.

Brief Annotation: In this story a little boy makes a gingerbread baby, but because of his impatience the gingerbread baby escapes. The whole town, animals included, tries to chase and catch him. None are as quick as the gingerbread baby. Nicki is able to catch the gingerbread baby using cunning and trickery. This book features cute illustrations, and Jan Brett’s famous border artwork.

Genre: Fiction

Grade: K-2

Readers who might like this: Readers learning about problem solving, critical thinking, and thinking outside of the box would enjoy reading this book. Parents or teachers trying to teach a lesson about following the rules, and how important rules are could use this book. It shows that although sometimes we may not understand why rules are there but that there is always a reason for them.

Rating/Response: I give this book a 4 out of 4 because it is well written, easy to understand, and conveys a message to the readers about the power of our brains. It is engaging, and humorous. It is good for young children, but also a book that parents and teachers would enjoy reading aloud.

Text Dependent Question: Why didn’t the fox catch the gingerbread baby?