Title: Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African-Americans

Reference: Nelsn, K. (2011). Heart and Soul: The story of America and African Americans. New York: HarperCollins Publishers

Annotation: This story is about African Americans centuries-long struggle for their freedom and equal rights.

Genre: Non-fiction

Grade Level 6-8

Readers who would like this book: This book would be a great source to use if the reader is doing a history project. It has major key events such as slavery, abolition, Abraham Lincoln, women’s vote, the great migration and much more.

Rating: I gave this book a 4. On top of it being well written and with fantastic illustrations, this book was put together very well. It’s written in a way that feels like you are reading a diary or a letter and on top of having a lot of facts it reads like a book, not a textbook.

Text-dependent question: What were the ways slaves fought against slavery without using violence?

Strategy: Clusters

Becuase this book has so much information about African American centuries-long struggles that creating an organized cluster will help students sort out all the event that happened.