Reference: Brett, J. (2000). Hedgie’s surprise. New York, NY: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

 Brief Annotation: Henny, the hen, laid an egg every day. One day Tomton, the boy that lived on the farm decided that he wanted to eat Henny’s eggs rather than porridge. Tomton started stealing Henny’s eggs every morning, and it made Henny somber. She wanted to have babies like the goose. Her friend Hedgie decided to help Henny trick Tomton. Hedgie would hide the eggs and replace it with something else, fooling Tomton. Hedgie and Henny’s plan is a success and Tomton is forced to go back to porridge.

Genre: Fiction

 Grade Level: K – 2nd Grade

 Readers who would like this book: I think children who love animals would enjoy this book. It is fun to read, and the illustrations are fantastic to look at. This book is all about friendship, which would be appealing to young children.

 Rating and Response: I give this book 5/5. I love the message behind the story, and I enjoy the illustrations. I think it is a very appropriate book for children and it is interesting to see what Hedgie and Henny will come up with next to trick Tomton.

 Text-Dependent Question: What items did Hedgie and Henny use to replace the eggs?