Title: My Name Is Maria Isabel

Reference: Ada, A. F. (1993) My Name Is Maria Isabel. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks.

Annotation: Maria Isabela, a new student in school, was struggling with the fact that her teacher had given her a different name and was expected to answer when she called by her new name. She struggles with the fact that if she loses her name, she will lose a part of herself.

Genre: Fiction

Grade: 4

Readers who would like this book: Students that know the importance of their name and the meaning it carries.

Rating: 4. It’s a great example of how student feel when teachers or adults mispronounce their names.

Text-dependent question: How did Maria communicate with her teacher about wanting to be called her given name?

Strategy: Double-Entry Journals

  1. Design journal pages
    1. students will divide the pages in their reading logs into two columns. They will label the left column with “Quotes” and the right column with “Comments” or “Reflections”
  2. Write quotes in journals
    1. As students read or afterward, they copy one or more important or interesting quotes in the left column of their reading logs
  3. Reflect on the quotes
    1. students will reread the quotes and in the right column explain their reason for choosing the quote and what the quote means to them

Because this book is very long and has a lot of content I find using this strategy will help students organize their thoughts and have them think about what they are reading.