Title: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Citation: Hennessy, B. G., & Kulikov, B. (2006). The Boy Who Cried Wolf. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Annotation: A boy who is tending sheep thinks that it is funny when he cries wolf and people come running. However he lied about crying wolf one to many times and so when there is actually a wolf he tries calling for help, but now one comes.

Genre: Fable

Grade Level: 1st-3rd grade

Readers who would enjoy this book: This would be a good book to read to students when teaching them about lying to others. Children would also like this book if they like animals.

Rating and Response: I would give this book a 8.  Really liked this book and thought that it taught an important lesson.

Text Dependent Question: What was the shepherds previous job?