Reference: Henkes, K. (1988) Chester’s Way. New York. Green Willow Books.

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Brief Annotation: In this book the main characters name is Chester, and he has is own way of doing things. He Always wakes up on the same side of the bed, ties his shoes a certain way, and eats the samething for breakfast. Chester’s mother always says he has a mind of his own. And so does his friend Wilson, Wilson and Chester would only do things together; play baseball, ride bikes, they even dressed up in costumes that went together for Halloween. Every season that came Chester and Wilson did everything together. And then Lily moved to the neighborhood and she had her own way of doing things too, and Chester said she had a mind of her own, and Wilson, Chester, and Lily started doing new things ALL together and soon the three of them became best of friends.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this: Any reader who enjoys stories about friendships and how friendships are made, and enjoys Kevin Henkes’ books, will love reading Chester’s Way. 

Rating/Response 1-5: 5, I enjoyed reading this book and like the lesson about friendship that this book shares.

Text-Dependent Question: What did Chester, Wilson, and Lily dress up as for Halloween?

Tompkins Strategy: Readers Theatre, after reading the book students will then have the opportunity to engage further with the text, interpret characters, and bring the book to life. The students can either pick a part in the book to act out or create their own scene based on how they like the characters would act based on their personalties. By doing this students also gain practice in their reading fluency since they will have to reread their lines and the scene in the book in which they are acting out.