Title: Cinderella: Cenicienta By: Francesc Boada, and Monse Fransoy


Boada, F., Fransoy, M.,& Perrault, C., 1628-1703. (2001). Cinderella: Cenicienta. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Short Annotation: It’s a bilingual book that tells the famous Cinderella story. This book is about a young girl who mother dies, and her father remarries, and brings in two step sisters. Which are awful to her, and makes Cinderella do all the house chores.

Genre: Fairytale  Comparison 1 Book

Grade Level: K-5

Intended Readers: For students who want to learn Spanish, and or Spanish students wanting to learn English. Also students who love fairytales stories, and Cinderella.

Personal Response: I thought this was a clever book, because I have never read a Cinderella bilingual book. However, this is a great book for students who want to learn about the famous Cinderella story. I would rate this book five out of five stars.

Text Dependent Question: How did prince charming find at the end of the ball?