Reference: Henkes, K. (1996). Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse. New York. Green willow Books.

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Brief Annotation: This story is about a girl named Lily who gets a purple plastic purse that plays music and is so excited to show her class and teacher. Lily really likes her teacher, but when he does not let Lily share about her purse and then takes away her purse. Lily is very mad at her teacher and draws him a mean picture showing him her disgust. However Lily feels bad about her drawing, and gives her teacher a nice drawing, apolgizes and tells her teacher how she wants to be a teacher. Then Lily is finally able to share her special purse with her class and feels so happy.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who will like this: Any reader who enjoys reading a book about a spunky girl and enjoys reading about the characters’ adventures.

Rating/Response 1-5: 5, I love reading this book everytime I do. I enjoy the character Lily and how she responses to her little crisis in such a well mannered way. Teaches a great lesson.

Text-Dependent Question: What does Lily keep inside her purple plastic purse?

Tompkins Strategy: Authors’ Chair: Students will each take turn sitting in the author chair, while on the chair the students will share letters to Mr. Slinger they wrote just like the NICE letter Lilly wrote to Mr. Slinger. This will be done after reading the book, allowing time for students to think about their own letter they will write in this writing workshop.