Little Red Riding Hood: A German Fairy Tale Written by Jessica Gunderson and Illustrated by Colleen Madden

Bibliographic Information:  Gunderson, J., Madden, C. M., Montanari, E., & Farías, C. (2015). Little Red Riding Hood: 3 beloved tales. North Mankato, MN: Picture Window Books, a Capstone imprint.

Annotation:  Little Red Riding Hood was given bread and wine from her mother to deliver to her sick grandmother.  While going through the wood, she meets the wolf.  The wolf went to grandma’s house and swallowed grandma.  The wolf then pretended to be like grandma, and when Little Red Riding Hood arrived, the wolf eats her as well.  The hunter saw the wolf and knew he had eaten grandma and the Little Red Riding Hood.  So, the hunter cut open the wolf and saved grandma and Little Red Riding Hood.

Genre:  Folktale

Grade Level:  Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Interested Readers:  This book could interest readers who are interested in fairy tale, or a variety of stories based on different cultures.  Students who have a previous knowledge of the little red riding hood fairy tale could also be interested in this book to see a different approach to the story.

Personal Response and Rating:  The books was very interesting, and unique.  I liked how it was another variation of the fairy tale.  The book could be used inside a classroom while talking about different cultures, and how everyone tells stories differently.  I would give this book a 4/5 star rating.

Text-Dependent Question: What did the hunter fill the wolf’s belly with?