Bibliographic Information: Pinkney, A. D., & Pinkney, J. B. (2009). Sojourner Truth’s Step-Stomp Stride. New York: Disney/Jump at the Sun Books.

Short Annotation: This book is about Sojourner Truth’s life. It covers her life as a young girl and how she was freed from slavery. It also mentions how she went around and spoke the truth about what she believed in.

Genre: Biography/Non-Fiction

Grade Level: K – 3

Readers who will like this book: readers who like reading non-fiction books; readers who like to learn about who Sojourner Truth is; teachers looking for books to read during a civil rights lesson

Personal Response/Rating: 4 – I loved this book. Andrea Davis Pinkney did a wonderful job turning Sojourner Truth’s story into a wonderful children’s book. The way it flowed and how it was written is wonderful.

Text-Dependent Question: What new information, about Sojourner Truth, did you learn from this book?