Bibliographic Information: Teague, M. (2013). The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf. New York, N. Y.: Orchard Books.

Short Annotation: This story is about a very hungry wolf who doesn’t mean to blow down the pigs’ houses. All he wanted was the pigs to give him something to eat. At the end of the story he apologizes for destroying their homes. The pigs and the wolf end up living together and the wolf was never bad again.

Genre: Folktales

Grade Level: K – 1

Readers who will like this book: readers who like fractured folktales; readers who like happy endings; readers who like books about friends; readers who like stories with animal characters

Personal Response/Rating: 3 – This book had wonderful illustrations. It was interesting because it’s the only three little pigs’ story that has a happy ending and where the wolf becomes friends with the pigs.

Text-Dependent Question: How does the wolf change throughout the story?