Reference: Pallotta, J. (2015). Butterfly Counting. Watertown. MA. Charlesbridge Publishing.

  • Counting Book

Brief AnnotationButterfly Counting, is a great counting book it first starts out with zero and shows a penguin and shares infomation about penguins. Then starts counting from one to twenty-five. The most interesting thing about the book is that on every page there is a different butterfly. The author shares some infomation about the type of butterfly shown and describes where it lives. Each page also shares a different name for butterfly in different languages.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this: Readers most interested in this book would be readers who like reading non-fiction about different species of insects or animals. As well as enjoying learning new languages.

Rating/Response 1-5: 5, I enjoyed reading about different kinds of butterflies and about what people who speak different languages say butterfly. This book is packed with good information and the color in the pictures are amazing to look at.

Text-Dependent Question: The book shares lots of different ways to say butterfly. What thr Turkish name for butterfly?