Title: Come On, Rain by Karen Hesse and illustrated by Jon J. Muth

APA Citation: Hesse, K., & Muth, J. J. (1999). Come On, Rain! New York: Scholastic Press.

Short Annotation: Tessie and her mom are in the middle of a very hot, dry day. As they sweat in the heat, Tessie sees that there is a dark gray cloud headed their way. She jumps in her bathing suit along with her friends and head outside just right before the rain. The raindrops fall and they jump and dance. As they were laughing and screaming, the four girls’ mothers saw and joined in the fun. Tessie said that the rain made them feel new.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 3-5

Intended Audience: This book is good for older children because it has a lot of metaphors and big words.

Personal Rating: 10/10, although very short, this story was a ‘feel good’ story. It was a nice little story about mother and daughter bonding.

Text-dependent Question: “In what order were her friends chasing each other in? Who was first and who was last?”