Bell, C. (2014). El Deafo. New York, NY: Abrams

Annotation: This book is a graphica novel about a bunny who becomes deaf. The story shows her struggles and achievements throughout her everyday life of making friends and fitting in at school.

Genre: Fiction

Grade: 2,3,4

Readers who will like this book: This book is good for readers who struggle with a lot of text. This book is also good for readers who can relate to not fitting in at school.

Response/ Rating: I would rate this book a 5 (1-5). This was the first graphica novel I have read, and I really enjoyed the storyline of the book. It portrayed the struggle, humor, and happiness that people can go through in their own life.

Question: What obstacles have you had to overcome in your own life? Relate your answer to CeCe’s struggles in the book.