El Deafo

Bell, C. (2014). El Deafo. New York, New York. Amulet Books.

Graphic Novel

El Deafo is an autobiography of Bell’s childhood living with her deafness. When she was young she got sick with meningitis, resulting in Bell losing her hearing.

2-4 grade

This would be a great book for new independent readers or reluctant readers. Graphic novels are great way to help build reading skills. Giving kids visual reinforcement for the words they read they could use pictures as references.

I had never read a graphic novel but I loved this one. It is a really easy read but also gives you a lot of content. I thought graphic novels were just supposed to be silly, but El Deafo had a great message that a lot of students could take away from.

Cece struggled with feeling different throughout the novel. What are some ways Cece was treated different by her peers?