Reference: Bell, C. (2014). El Deafo. New York. Amulet Books.

Brief Annotation: El Deafo is a graphic novel that is based on the experiences of a little girl named CeCe  who gets ill and becomes deaf at the age of four. The novel shares school experiences CeCe had, some were sad like when CeCe got nervous because of everyone staring at her and her hearing aids. But other experiences were happy like CeCe finding new friends, becoming a hero in class because she can hear her teacher in the whole school building that enables the class to goof off and not get caught when the teacher leaves the room thanks to CeCe. The book follows CeCe through school and does a nice job showing the ups and downs of growing up especially if your deaf and suffer from all the misconspections, but in the end El Deafo overcomes all barriers and loves who she is hearing aids and all!

Genre: Realist Fiction: Graphic Novel

Grade Level: 3- 4 Based on reading ability

Readers who will like this: Any reader who likes to read graphica, I would also recommend for readers who are struggling readers and or do not ususally like to read. The amount of pictures really make the book a more exciting/easy read.

Rating/Response 1-5: 5! I loved this book! I could not put it down once I started reading it. It does a nice job following CeCe’s life and mentioning her struggles and trimuphs. I enjoyed reading a book based on a deaf child because it offered insight into a world I knew nothing about, and did a nice job explaining how deaf children may experience school and their personal life.

Text-Dependent Question: What is the name of the boy CeCe thought was cute in the story? Name all of Cece’s friends mentioned in the book and some of their friendship struggles? What caused El Deafo to become deaf? What can you infer?

Tompkins Strategy: Book talk: During a book talk a teacher gives students brief teasers of the book to introduce students to new books and to get them interested in reading them. The teacher does not give away the ending and reads a short excerpt aloud. Then the teacher hands the book to an interested reading. I think this is  a good strategy to help students read books they would not be interested in reading first, and then gets them interested in different genres.