Title: The Adventure of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

APA Citation: Pilkey, D. (1997). The Adventures of Captain Underpants. New York, NY: The Blue Sky Press/Scholastic.

Short Annotation: George Beard and Harold Hutchins are very naughty kids at Horwitz Elementary School. They always prank people and do bad things, especially to their principal Mr. Krupp. George and Harold have come up with their own comic featuring a superhero called Captain Underpants. They sell it after school. Mr. Krupp disliked the boys and wanted to bust them in action. The boys ruined a football game by pranking one after another. Mr. Krupp caught it on video and blackmailed them. Then the boy ordered a hypnotizing ring to get the video back. They also turned Mr. Krupp into Captain Underpants. Mr. Krupp started fighting villains, including Dr. Diaper. In the end, Mr. Krupp turned back because they poured water on his head. But when Harold and George’s teacher snapped, Mr. Krupp turned back into Captain Underpants.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-5

Intended Audience: K-5, students who have silly and big imaginations. Someone who loves reading humorous books.

Personal Rating: 3/10, this was not my type of book. I didn’t like the message that could send to kids. It could be just a humorous book to some but other kids may take it literally and start to develop their own prank ideas.

Text-Dependent Question: “What happened to the football players when Mr. Krupp showed them the wrong video?”