Bibliographic Information: George, J. C., & Schoenherr, J. (1972). Julie of the Wolves. New York: Harper & Row.

Short Annotation: Julie is a girl who runs away from an arranged marriage. As she travels she gets lost and uses her skills to survive. She finally discovers a wolf den and determines to find a way to have the wolves share her resources.

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: 5 – 7

Readers who will like this book: readers who like contemporary realistic fiction; readers who like coming of age stories; readers who like survival stories; readers who like books about understanding self and others

Personal Response/Rating: 3 – I loved how Julie was brave enough to escape a marriage she didn’t feel was right for her. Her brave actions help her survive the hard times and being able to make the wolves she their resources.

Text-Dependent Question: What did Julie do to make the wolves share their resources with her?

Reading Strategy Connection: Choral Reading – This book strategy allows students to practice reading aloud and become more fluent in reading. This strategy is an appropriate instructional match for this book because it allows students to better understand the book and give them an opportunity to practice reading aloud.