Title: Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book By: Yuyi Morales

Author Study


Morales, Y. (2003). Just a minute: A trickster tale and counting book. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Short Summary: A skeleton, named Senor Galavera who shows up at Grandma Beetles house and wants her to go with him right now, but grandma Beetle keeps saying just a minute. She  spends her birthday with all her grandchildren, and tells the cultural stories at the table.

Genre: Children’s Literature

Grade Level: K-5

Indented Readers:  Students who speak Spanish or are wanting to learn Spanish. This is a great Halloween book, but also a cultural diverse with all the Spanish vocabulary.

Personal Response: I enjoyed reading this book, because I thought it was cute that the skeleton , who I thought could of been her husband from the dead, trying to get her to the surprise birthday party. I would rate this five out of five stars, because I learned some Spanish vocabulary, while reading this book.

Text Dependent Question: How many chores was Grandma Beetles doing in this book?

Reading Strategy: Interactive Read- Aloud

Teachers pick a high quality book, and that fits the instructional programs. The teacher reads the book to ensure the students can read it, and they write down prompts for question. This strategy would be great for a teacher candidate to come into the class and do the read aloud.  So they can engage with the book, and the questions being asked.