Bibliographic Information: Bandy, M. S., Stein, E., & Strickland, S. (2011). White water: Inspired by a true story. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.

Brief Annotation: About a little boy who who rode the bus to town with his grandmother and was thirsty and decided to go to the water fountain. There, there are two sighs ” WHITE” and “COLORED”. Michael’s water taste muddy and dirty, he wonders how the white water taste like.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Grade Level: 4-5

Readers who will like this book: Anyone can read and like this book but I believe that this book is for readers who is learning about slavery and the end of it. And what happen during 1960s? (The segregation in the south)

Response and Ratings: I think this book really showed the segregation in 1962 and how even though we may be different, we are the same inside.

Question:  What does Michael mean when he said ” The same pipe fed both fountains! Two Fountains. Two signs but the same water in both”?

Strategy: Story Retelling – To monitor students comprehension of story, one on one with individual students to retell story. I think that White water is a really good way for students to retell it because it has a lot one problem that follow through the whole book and students can easily follow along.