Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve? by Jan Brett

Bibliographic Information:  Brett, J. (2002). Who’s that knocking on Christmas Eve? New York, NY: G.P. Putnam.

Annotation:  On a cold Christmas Eve evening, a boy and his polar bear needed to travel to a nearby city.  As they were traveling, they were getting cold and needed somewhere to warm up.  They saw a house, and when they tried to knock, a little girl named Kyri answered letting them in.  In previous years, Kyri had troubles with trolls entering her house and eating her food.  This year, when the trolls entered, they got scared by the polar bear, and never came back again.

Genre:  Fiction

Grade Level:  Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Interested Readers:  Interest readers for this book could include readers who like stories about the holidays, helping others or students who like trolls and polar bears.  This book could interest students based on the season it takes place in and the illustrations.  This book could also interest students around kindergarten to third grade.

Personal Response and Rating:  I thought this book was a well-written book with detailed illustrations.  I enjoyed how this book was about Christmas Eve and something unique about it.  I would give this book a 4.5/5 star rating.

Text-Dependent Question:  What did the troll put in front of the polar bear’s nose, which then resulted in the polar bear scaring the trolls away?