Bibliographical information: Stead, Philip Christian, and Erin E. Stead. 2010. A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Annotation: This book is about a man named Amos who loves and cares for the animals at the zoo. One day when he cannot make his daily visit because he is sick, he is surprised by all of his animal friends who come to take care of him.

Genre: Fiction and Humor

Grade level: K-2nd

Readers who will like this book: Readers who like animals, the zoo, and enjoy literature on friendship and kindness will like this book.

Personal response and rating: 5/5 I really enjoyed reading this book. the illustrations are beautiful and humorous. I loved how this book shows how kindness matters as well as friendship and what a difference it can make in someones life.

Text dependent question: Because Amos was too tired to run races with the tortoise, what did they do instead?