Reference: Parnell, P. (2005). And Tango Makes Three. New York. Simon & Schuster Publishing.

  • Theme Paper Book 1

Brief Annotation: This book is about two male penquins named Roy and Silo who are a little different then the other penquins at Central Park Zoo. Roy and Silo are not interested in other female penquins they only like each other and they do everything together. When it becomes time for the penquins to find a mate and lay eggs, Roy & Silo try to lay an egg together. Only it does not seem to be working (they tried sitting on a rock, not an egg). The zoo keeper sees this and feels bad for Roy and Silo so he gives the couple an egg that was abandoned by a female/male couple. Roy and Silo did a great job caring for their egg and eventually it hatched into their adopted baby penquin Tango.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Grade Level: 4-5

Readers who will like this: Any reader who is interested in penquins will enjoy reading this book about Roy and Silo. Readers who also have same sex parents may also enjoy seeing their family depicted in this story since Roy and Silo are same sex parents to Tango.

Rating/Response 1-5:5! I loved this book, I think the story of Roy and Silo is so interesting and it warms my heart that the Central Park Zoo accepted the penquins for who they are and only helped them start a family instead of ripping them apart and try to force them into a female/male relationship. The illustrations are also amazing in this book and the depcition of the story is incredible.

Text Depedent Question: How did Roy & Silo get a real penquin egg to raise as their own?