Williams, V. ( 2007). A chair for my mother (25th anniversary addition). New York: Greenwillow Books

Award Winner: Caldecott Honor Medal

Annotation: This book is about a young girl who lost everything in her home to a fire. The girl works on saving up money so that she is able to help buy a chair for her mother to rest on after she is done working all day.

Genre: Fiction

Grade: 3,4

Readers who will like this book: This book is good for readers who can relate to saving their money up to buy something. This book is also good for readers who find family important.

Response/ Rating: I would rate this book a 5 (1-5). The illustrations are amazing and bring the text to life. The storyline also holds a great moral message for readers to take home to not take anything for granted. Readers can recognize the importance of hard work and saving their money.

Question: Why was the chair so special for Rosa and her family?


a. Observation/ Inference Chart

b. Students look at images and make observations based on what they see. They write their observations under the observation side of the chart. Under the inference side of the chart, students create inferences based on their observations.

c. This book was about a family’s house that burnt down in a fire. The illustrations in this book hold a lot of emotion. Students will be able to see the emotions on the family’s faces as well as their body language to make observations and inferences.