Title: Fabian Escapes By: Peter McCarty

Theme Paper Book


McCarty, P. (2007). Fabian escapes (1st ed.). New York: Henry Holt.

Short Summary: This book is about a dog named Hondo, and a cat named Fabian. Hondo stays home, while Fabian escapes out the window, and has a ton of new adventures.

Grade Level: K-1

Genre: Fiction

Intended Readers: This is a great book for students who are beginning, or struggling, because of how easy the words are. Students who love the friendship of cats and dogs, will enjoy reading about Hondo and Fabian.

Personal Response: I thought this was a cute book, and it got me to be familiar with Peter McCarty’s other books. I always loved reading about how cats and dogs are friends, because the stereotypes are that they hate each other. I would rate this book five out of five stars.

Text Dependent Question: Where does Fabian go on his adventure?