Bibliographic Information: Sachar, L. (1998). Holes. New York: Yearling, Random House.

Annotation: This book is about Stanley Yelnats and his time at Camp Green Lake, a detention center for boys. Stanley and the boys dig holes every day at camp and Stanley wants to find out what the warden is really looking for.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 4th-6th grade

Readers who would like this: Readers who enjoy stories about growing up, friendship, and some mystery.

Rating and Response: I would rate this book 4/4. It was a great story about grouping up and friendship. It also had a great story line that had comedy and mystery.

Text-Dependent Questions: Was there a lake at Camp Green Lake?

Literacy Strategy: Literature-Based Reading Activities Chapter 3- During Reading Activities

Activity= Character Web (pg. 76)

With this activity, students make a character web in order to understand the feeling and motivations of a character. For this particular novel, a character web will help students make connections with the different characters and have a better understanding.