Bibliographic Information: Morales, Y. (2008). Just in case: A trickster tale and Spanish alphabet book. New York: Roaring Brook Press.

Brief Annotation: Señor Calavera is on his way to Grandma Beetle’s birthday but is stopped by Zelmiro the Ghost, who reminds him that he forgot a present for Grandma Beetle’s birthday. Señor Calavera picked out 22 gifts for Grandma Beetle’s birthday but disaster strike and his gifts are ruined. He must come up with something.

Genre: Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet

Grade Level: 1-4

Readers who will like this book: For any readers who wants to learn Spanish alphabet and for gift ideas.

Response and Ratings: It’s a fun book for children to read and I love the different gifts Señor Calavera can come out with given that he was already running lat to Grandma Beetle’s birthday.

Question: Zelmiro was happy with Señor Calavera gifts but answered ” Are they what Grandma Beetle would love the most? Why don’t you look again, my friend? Just in case…” Why do you think Zelmiro suggest that?