Reference: Alexie, S., Morales, Y. (2016). Thunder boy Jr. New York, NY: Hachette Book Group Inc.

Brief Annotation: Thunder Boy Jr. hates his name and is desperate to change it. He thinks long and hard about what he would like his new name to be. Finally, his father helps him create a new name that they both enjoy.

Genre: Fiction

 Grade Level: 2nd – 3rd Grade

 Readers who would like this book: I thin readers that enjoy colorful illustrations that are not too overwhelming would like this book.

 Rating and Response: I give this book a 1/5 for the reason that it may cause students to dislike their name. It is paramount for students to know that they are special, and so are their names. It is not nice to tell children that they should try to change their names if it is different.

Text-Dependent Question: What are some of the names Thunder Boy Jr. is thinking about changing his name to and what does he change it to?