Snow White (Comparison #2):

Bibliographic Information: Gunderson, J., Madden, C. (2015). Marigo of the 40 dragons: an Albanian fairy tale. Minnesota. Picture Window Books.

Short Annotation: Marigo’s, schoolteacher is jealous of her life and tricks Marigo into killing the queen. And the king marries the schoolteacher, who is still jealous of Marigo because of how sweet and beautiful she was. One day the schoolteacher orders the king to kill Marigo; he can’t do it and leaves her in the mountains. Marigo finds a castle with 40 dragons The schoolteacher asks the sun if anyone is more beautiful then she is and the sun says yes, Marigo. The schoolteacher is so upset so she disguised herself as a merchant and sells a poisoned hairpin to Marigo, Marigo find her and take the hairpin out, the schoolteacher finds out that Marigo is still not dead and gives Marigo a poisoned ring, the dragons can’t take it off and have her coffin placed in a tree. Until a prince come by and takes the ring off and marries the prince.

Genre: Fairy Tale

Grade Level: 5th grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers that like fairytales, specifically reading a different of a fairytale story.

Personal Response and Rating: (1-4): 3. This version of Snow White isn’t as graphic, which I like because more students are able to read the book without being scared about what happens.

Text- Dependent Question: What does Marigo have to do in order to live with the dragons?