Title: Gym Candy By: Carl Deuker

Sports Fiction Novel


Deuker, C.(2008). Gym candy. Boston: Graphia/ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Short Summary: A high- school football player, Mick , who has been a shadow of his father’s failed football career.  He decides to take “gym candy”, which is steroids from a trainer at a local gym.  Mick later suffers depression and unsightly acne.

Grade Level: 5-6

Genre: Sports Fiction Novel

Intended Readers: Students who enjoy reading about sports, and football. This is also a great book to read to students, because it talks about depression, and being uneasy.

Personal Response: I thought it was a great book, but I don’t really get into football books. I would rate this book four out of five stars, because of the concepts that are in this novel.

Text Dependent Question: When did Mick stop using “gym candy”.